Dialogical Leadership: Dialogue as Condition Zero.

Organizations are confronted with enormous leadership challenges. Experts around the world formulate the greatest leadership challenges as being able to cope with deep complexity, global interconnectedness and continuous change – ‘wicked problems’. This type of leadership issues needs a dialogic approach. This means high expectations of leadership, as many of our current leaders are trained in dialectical management skills. As leadership is relational and contextual, it is created and sustained through discourse. In this article we explore the role of dialoguing in ‘wicked problems’. We argue that the role of dialogue cannot be overestimated, in particular regarding ethics and authenticity.

door Van Loon, R. & G.M. van Dijk (2015) in Journal of Leadership, Accountability and Ethics Vol. 12(3) p. 62-75.

JLAE-Dialogical Leadership-Dialogue as Condition Zero